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S3 Bucket for Satis

Creating an S3 bucket is free.
If you don’t have an AWS account yet, please make one.

When you have an AWS account, you can create a S3 bucket.
Choose a name that you can recognize, and choose a region that is close to you.

When choosing a name, add your company name as prefix/suffix so the name is somewhat unique.
The name needs to be unique in the entire region you choose, not just in your account.

In the next step, we can disable versioning and logging. Adding tags is up to you. For public permission it’s easier to set read permissions to anyone.
If you set this to any authenticated user, everyone who wants to run composer install needs an AWS account.

After this, finalize your bucket.
It will appear in your bucketlist (pun intended) and click on the name to edit it. In the tab ‘Properties’, go to Static website hosting and select ‘Use this bucket to host a website’.

Now you have an S3 bucket, ready for your Satis build!